Why you should consider using Weepa products.

The Weepa company has been successfully designing and perfecting weep hole products for the past 30 years.

Their patented products have become so well known in the weep hole protection industry, that their brand has become synonymous with the generic term for the very item itself.

So instead of seeking a Weepa weep hole cover, many people instead just ask for weepas. Only dominant brands can do this. Think Band-Aid, Kleenex, Google, Chapstick, and Thermos.

Let’s take a look at why Weepa and its extensive range of products, are considered the very best when it comes to protecting weep holes.

Weepa Logo on brick background.

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The range of Weepa products shown out of packaging.

Weepa is a family-run business

Weepa is a proud family business based in the city of Brisbane in Australia’s north-eastern state of Queensland.

Here, they have been researching, designing, and testing solutions for a tiny, yet very important niche in the construction industry… weep holes.

Weep holes are the small passageways that help provide drainage and ventilation to buildings, yet can also act as an entryway for pests and burning embers from wildfires.

Their company mission is to make attractive weepas that protect weep holes from these threats and they relish the intense process of problem-solving that has helped them to produce the industry’s leading products.

Small products solving big problems

Weepa has developed a wide range of products that tackle large problems commonly associated with weep holes. Let’s take a look at some of these problems and the impact they can have on a building and its occupants.

Structural decay on timber supports caused by fungal growths.

Fungal decay and mildew

During the construction of new homes and buildings, weepas can be used to create accurate, well-functioning weep holes in brick cavity walls that promotes excellent cavity ventilation and drainage.

Without adequate drainage and ventilation, moisture and water can accumulate within the cavity over time, and this can lead to extensive structural damage and issues with mold and mildew.

Two mice have their heads sticking out of a weep hole.

Pest infestations

Weepa has developed secure screens and grates in their range of pre and post-construction products that keep pests like rodents, spiders, and cockroaches out while maintaining the functionality of these important spaces.

Pests are known to use exposed weepholes to enter homes and can cause significant damage to a building’s internal structures and pose a health risk to its inhabitants.

A wildfire ember causing a flame inside a weep hole.

Ember attacks

Weepa has also developed a range of products constructed from premium marine-grade stainless steel that can help prevent hot embers from entering a building during a severe fire event.

Hot embers can travel enormous distances in strong winds during severe wildfires. They can make their way into buildings through unprotected weep holes and the results can be devastating.

The Weepa product range

The range of Weepa products can be broadly classified into those that are suitable for use during construction, and those available as retrofit options for existing buildings. Let’s take a look at just a few products from each category to further understand their different use cases and benefits.

Weepas installed during construction

These products are also known as brick weep vents or formers as they help a bricklayer to create the weep holes as well as protect them.

The Standard Weepa, is the stalwart of the range, offering a PVC design that creates excellent, functional weepholes for the budget conscious.

They can be used in brick, rendered brick, and block walls, and once installed, the green mortar protector is removed to reveal a clean, integrated grate that helps exclude vermin and pests.

The Stainless Steel Weepa, is the premium option of the range, boasting a design completely from marine grade 316 stainless steel that produces highly attractive weep holes for those seeking a prestigious look.

This all-metal design helps it to be compliant with Bushfire Attack Levels referenced in the Australian Building Code whilst also offering excellent protection from pests.

Premium Weepa stainless steel weep vent.
A weep hole screen product ready for installation.

Weepas retrofitted to existing buildings

These products help secure the weep holes of existing buildings that were not built with former products during construction.

The Weepa Protector Weep Hole Screen is crafted from 316 stainless steel and is installed easily into the existing weep hole using the provided applicator tool.

It helps stop pests such as mice, cockroaches, and spiders from entering your home, as well as flying insects like bees and wasps from creating nests inside your building, all while maintaining adequate ventilation.

The Termite Protector is an innovative product crafted from bifenthrin-infused plastic that helps to deter termites from accessing existing weep holes as part of a termite management plan.

It has been designed to work in tandem with the Protector product to provide the ultimate retrofit pest security for your weep holes.

A display of the Weepa range of products on a table.

So in summary

Weepa is the family-run company behind a wide range of patented products known as weepas.

Their innovative design provides a simple method for the creation and protection of weep holes that are both fully functioning and secured from threats such as pests and embers.

Those looking to protect their weep holes during construction, or those wanting a retrofit solution for existing buildings, can find the right product in the Weepa range.

Ready to protect your building now? Take a closer look at the Weepa Protector product.