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The problem…

Your weep holes are an important part of your home’s drainage and ventilation system, but they’re also vulnerable to pest infestation.

Cockroaches, rodents, and spiders can easily enter your home through these gaps in your brick cavity walls. Once inside, they can cause serious damage and pose a health risk to your family.

Metal cover installed in a weep.

Our solution…

Premium covers are the best way to protect your weeps from pests. Our products maintain their functionality and are crafted to resist weathering, provide a secure fit, and look great!

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Why are these holes important?

Weep holes are the small evenly spaced openings found at the base of brick cavity walls that aid the moisture management of a building.

Homes are designed to keep water out, but moisture can enter your building through rain, condensation, and many other ways, and this is where these holes come in handy.

They primarily act as small drains, assisting any water or moisture that has entered the inside of your cavity wall to escape outside.

They also assist in the ventilation of your structure, helping to dry your precious internal materials and circulating the air to help prevent condensation.

While they are critical for the health of your home’s structure, when no protection is used over them, these openings can create another significant problem.

A weep hole shown in a open head joint between bricks.
A mouse looking for entry into a home in front of a brick wall.

Pests love these spaces

Brick weep holes serve many important purposes, but a wide range of pests are known to make use of them as thoroughfares into your home or as shelter away from the elements.

Without protection in place, mice, cockroaches, and even snakes can use these spaces to seek out food sources, while flying insects like bees and wasps, love to use them for nests.

Once inside, they can damage your internal structures by chewing through materials or by creating nests that can attract rot or impede the drainage of your home.

Some pests can also pose a health threat to a home’s occupants by; spreading disease through their feces, triggering asthma and allergy symptoms, and from potential bites and stings.

So protecting these holes is necessary, but how do you keep pests out while still ensuring your weep holes can do the job they were designed to do?

A brick weep hole cover being held in hands before installation.

Quality covers prevent pests

Premium weep hole covers are the best way to prevent pests like mice and cockroaches from entering your home through these holes.

A quality cover offers a secure fit that blocks the entry of a wide number of pests while still maintaining adequate airflow and ventilation of the cavity.

Our premium brick products are made from marine-grade stainless steel and feature a patented rib and fringe design that allows them to sit securely inside the hole.

The punched holes across its face ensure there is still adequate airflow into the space, providing cavity ventilation that can help reduce the risk of fungal decay.

Some homeowners, who are unaware of cover products, may resort to sealing their weeps to prevent pests, solving one problem but potentially creating many others.

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Why can’t I just seal them?

If you seal these holes completely you can disrupt your weep hole drainage. Sealing them to prevent pest entry can result in moisture becoming trapped inside your cavity walls.

Trapped moisture, along with reduced ventilation inside the cavity, can lead to fungal growths that may cause damage to your home and allergens that may impact your family.

Structural decay occurs when these fungal growths eat away at the important materials inside your walls, eventually weakening them so much that costly repairs may be required.

Mold and mildew can also produce allergens that may trigger respiratory issues such as asthma or allergies in the very young, elderly, or those with weakened immune systems.

It is for these reasons that using a quality cover product is so important and a far better solution than simply blocking or sealing these holes.

Structural decay on timber supports caused by fungal growths.
A weep vent shown installed in a rendered wall.

Are you already protected?

If your home is relatively new, you may find that you have weep vents installed in which case you may not need to worry about installing any covers at all.

Weep vents are produced during construction using a former product, and often these feature an integrated secure grill that protects the hole from pests.

So take a walk around the exterior of your home and look for small, vertical openings in your brickwork and check if they are covered with a grill or completely open.

They will typically be in the mortar between your bricks, and will be evenly spaced apart above the foundation but may also be higher up near doors and windows.

If you’ve found your weeps, and they are open and exposed, then it’s time to consider protecting them with a quality cover.

What about mesh or steel wool?

You may be tempted to try using cheap weep hole mesh products or crude substitutes like steel wool in an effort to save money.

There are plenty of guides and gurus online suggesting these economical fixes but there are several problems with these alternatives that may end up costing you more.

The problem with mesh products is that their density can impede ventilation and they can also be easily dislodged resulting in openings that pests can easily exploit.

Using steel wool is a far more inferior alternative. It can disrupt ventilation, decays quickly when outside and the rust it produces can stain your exterior walls.

Only rigid covers can provide the stable fit required to keep these holes protected in the long term, so choosing the best product is important.

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Weepa makes the best products

We believe the best covers are made by Weepa as they have been researching, developing, and perfecting these niche products for over 30 years.

This dedication to a single problem has resulted in industry-leading products, with patented designs, that have been trusted by builders and homeowners for decades.

Along with their extensive range of products for newly constructed homes, they also offer two retrofit covers that help protect existing homes.

Their Termite Protector product is crafted from bifenthrin-infused plastic to protect against termites for up to two years as part of a management plan.

Their main Protector product features a stainless steel design that stops a wide range of pests, and the two can be combined for the ultimate protection.

Weepa Logo on brick background.
A stainless steel cover being held in a hand before installation.

The benefits of stainless steel

When compared to cheap plastic products, stainless steel designs offer several benefits that make it worth considering over plastic or PVC options.

The greatest benefit is sturdiness and stability. With a more rigid material and a secure fit due to the rib and fringe design, stainless steel products are more reliable.

Marine-grade stainless steel, like that found in the Protector, also resists corrosion meaning they require less maintenance and don’t fail as easily as plastic products.

Another advantage of a stainless steel product like the Protector is that it can help exclude sparks and embers that may be present near wildfire events.

Finally, these products offer an elegant and attractive finish, which is in stark contrast to that of plastics, mesh products, and steel wool.

Weepa Protector retail packaging shown.

Time to protect your home

We are the best place to buy weep hole products online! We offer the finest designs, from the industry’s leading brand, which are not available anywhere instore in the United States.

These important holes are vital for the moisture management of a building but they provide pests with a wide open door into your home.

Pests such as cockroaches and mice can use them to enter your home where they can cause damage and create an unsanitary environment.

Completely sealing them is not a wise solution as it can lead to fungal growths that can cause major structural damage and potential health issues.

The best solution is to use premium cover products that prevent pests while maintaining the utility of your weep holes. Protect your home today!

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