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Easy hole fillers!

I wasn't sure I could use thee, but it turned out easier than I expected! With my older home, I use the smaller device to push them in. Thanks for a great product!

Worked perfectly!

Installed exactly how we needed, sent exactly how many we needed, and worked exactly how promised. No more large roaches or rats are able to access the building through the weep holes that they’d been using for 20 years.

Very easy to install great product

Excellent product

High quality and fitment

Weep Hole Covers - Weepa Protector - 20 Pack

Easy to use

Worked just as I hoped. Easy to snap smaller when needed. One pack was enough for my house.

Great product!

We used them to keep mice and other bugs/pests from getting in our weepholes. Highly recommend!

We absolutely love this product!

We are more than satisfied with this product. It was only a short time ago we learned the name and purpose of weep holds. Every home owner needs this. We’re going to order more and we will share with family and friends!

Excellent solution

Quality weep hole covers with application tool in two sizes. I wish it came in two sizes. I have smaller height weep holes. The big box stores don’t even carry a solution and steel wool get clogged up.

A Canadians review of Weepa

Ordered the 20 pack to give them a try. No products available locally which can compare. Excellent design easy to install and will definitely eliminate the yellow jacket hornet issue I experienced this summer. Going to order more for my daughters home. Great product.


Of all the weep hole covers these are by far the best of the three types I have tried.

Excellent! But be sure to clean out your weep holes first.

I researched and compared many weep hole products before I found the Weepa Protector. The Weepa Protector is simply the perfect weep hole cover. It is ingeniously designed; flawlessly manufactured in stainless steel; and cleverly packaged with a fool-proof insertion tool. The Weepa Protector is a professional product that exceeded my expectations.
My house was built in 1956, I purchased it in 2022. I wish the brick masons who built it had been more professional when they installed the bricks and weep holes. My weep holes were horribly filled in with mortar, many to the point of uselessness! Before I installed the Weepa Protectors I cleared out the mortar to open up the weep holes using a variety of tools including a strong vacuum, flashlight, drill, a couple masonry drill bits (using a drilling and raking technique), a hammer, an old putty knife scraper, and a couple old long flat blade screwdrivers (used as chisels/scrappers). I was careful not to go much further than the depth of a brick. The effort is worth it! I could not be happier with the Weepa Protector and I feel my house is grateful as well.
I included some before and after pictures and a video of how I cleaned out the holes. I used a strong vacuum to clean out the debris.

Help protect things entering your home through the weep holes.

After searching for months, I finally found a great item available to successfully block bugs and mice etc.from entering our home through the weep holes. Weep Hole Covers work excellently for us. They are easy to install, allow the necessary ventilation and do not rust nor disintegrate. Great product - Thanks Weep Holes Heroes.

No More Buzzing Walls!

Great product! Easy installation, even when weep holes are partially grout filled.

Easy & convenient!

I did a lot of research on best item to use on our wheep holes & this product by far exceeded our expectations! This product is super easy to install & saves time!

Great product

My wheel holes were slightly smaller. However they are easy to modify.

It Works

These cover are neat and easy to install. I recommend it.

Hi thanks for getting back to me!
Yes we have installed the weep hole protectors and they were easy to install. We have had an issue with mice in the wall cavities. So hoping this will solve our problem. Thank you, Anna.

Weep hole protector

These are awesome and I found that the small end of the push tool works the best and covers completely.

Weep Hole Screen

The weep hole screen fit perfect, was easy to install. Would purchase again. This product is not sold in the US.

Weepa Protector Weep Hole Screen - 20 Pack

Work perfectly!

Found these when trying to solve a pest problem we had. So happy with them! Turns out we had open weep holes everywhere around our house. Shipping time was faster than stated.

Great quality

These weep hole covers are excellent quality and were easy to fit into the holes in our brickwork. Really sturdy and no gaps around the edges. Highly recommend these!